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What is DPL skin rejuvenation

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What is DPL skin rejuvenation
Latest company news about What is DPL skin rejuvenation

The principle of DPL skin rejuvenation is different from the traditional photo rejuvenation technology. DPL technology can excite the selected narrow-spectrum pulse light in the wavelength band of 100nm, which contains the absorption peaks of melanin, oxygen and hemoglobin at the same time, so as to accurately concentrate the effective treatment energy and quickly and effectively solve the problems such as facial color spots and telangiectasia (redness). Narrow spectrum DPL skin rejuvenation is known as an epoch-making optical skin rejuvenation technology because it is significantly superior to photon skin rejuvenation and greatly shortens the treatment period.


1、 Advantages of DPL skin rejuvenation instrument.
1. DPL skin rejuvenation effect 1: remove spots and dullness.
Non exfoliation therapy using continuous intense pulse photon technology can desalinate pigmentary diseases such as freckles, sunbspots, senile spots, chloasma, and pigmentation. The effect of photo rejuvenation is that the sebaceous glands secrete a large amount of sebum, and the sebum cannot be discharged, resulting in the blockage of hair follicles. It is a chronic inflammatory disease. Photons can effectively act on the sebaceous glands of the skin, regulate the function of the sebaceous glands, and thus improve oily skin and acne.

2. DPL skin rejuvenation effect 2: remove red acne marks.
Similarly, the wavelength that can be strongly absorbed by hemoglobin is used to treat the pockmarks. On the premise of not damaging the normal skin, the blood vessels are coagulated, the pigment is decomposed, and the collagen and strong fibers under the skin are rearranged, so that the pockmarks disappear without trace.

Precautions after DPL skin rejuvenation:

1. Slight redness may occur in a short time after Photorejuvenation, which indicates that the skin is repairing itself normally at this time. Try not to make up, let alone smear the treatment area.

2. The skin will be sensitive for a period of time after photorejuvenation. At this time, you should pay attention to sunscreen. It is recommended that you do not choose to go out at the hottest and sunniest time after treatment. If you have to go out, you must apply sunscreen or physical sunscreen.

3. After operation, pay attention to applying moisturizing cream and moisturizing facial mask, and pay attention to moisturizing;

4. Avoid using maintenance products containing fruit acid, a acid, high concentration vitamin and C salicylic acid within one week after operation;

5. It is forbidden to eat spicy and irritating food within one week after operation, and smoking and drinking are also prohibited.


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In short, the principle of photo rejuvenation is to act on the skin epidermis and dermis through strong pulse light, promote the proliferation of collagen fibers and elastic fibers inside, so as to make the skin smooth and elastic and reduce wrinkles and wrinkles. In addition, the intense pulse light can also destroy and decompose the pigment in the skin due to the photothermal effect. When the pigment group is destroyed, with the local metabolism of the skin, the pigment participating substances after the destruction can be eliminated, thus achieving the effect of whitening and melanin removal.
Secondly, photon rejuvenation uses the principle of selective absorption of light and uses multiple spectral lines to act on the deep layer of the skin. It is selectively absorbed by various pigment cells in the tissue and hemoglobin in the microvessels. On the premise of not destroying normal tissue cells, it destroys and decomposes various pigment cells and also coagulates the microvessels, so as to remove color spots, age spots, freckles, dark circles and telangiectasia.
Finally, the photothermal and photochemical effects are used to generate thermal stimulation to collagen and elastin, regenerate, recombine and repair collagen and elastin, enhance the function of vascular tissue, improve circulation, accelerate the metabolic process of keratinocytes, and recover the aging skin.

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