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Introducing KES latest DPL device MED-230Lux

China Beijing KES Biology Technology Co., Ltd. certification
China Beijing KES Biology Technology Co., Ltd. certification
Customer Reviews
The design of KES machine are the most attractive I met, after I purchase, I find the quality is reliable, and thanks for the excellent service of KES

—— Anna, UK

I bought the machine for my wife, and the moment she got it, she loves it very much.

—— Ahmad Arnous, UAE

la máquina es buena de KES yi el servicio es bueno

—— Paco, España

Estoy contento con la máquina kes

—— Dr. Jhoan, Columbia

Ich habe das Geschäft mit KES für 2 Jahre gemacht und ich bin glücklich mit ihm sehr viel

—— Jason, Deutschland

Вид аппарата красив,легко управляю аппарат с качественным меню и инструкцией на русском языке.услуги в таможнии хороши!

—— Лиза из России

Я купил СО2-лазер MED-870 от Кес, и машина хороша!

—— Аврора,,Россия

Eu gosto kes projeto da máquina, e eu gosto de trabalhar com lírio

—— Dr. Andre, Portugal

I love the machine MED-200,good!

—— Alejandro, Portugal

Machine stabilité, prix raisonnable, écoute des besoins de ses clients…

—— Bernard Michel,France

on service, et de réponse rapide.

—— Ada, France

Είναι ένα αξιόπιστο και δυνατό μηχάνημα , με αποτελεσματικότητα και ευκολία στην χρήση

—— Fotini Greece

Καλύτερη μηχανή Design στην Κίνα!

—— Lartios Διογένης, Ελλάδα

좋은 기계 의존 회사

—— Mr King , 韓国

私はもうたくさんの患者を治療して 高い効果が得ていきました お客は満足です

—— Kei Negishi M.D.,よこはま, 日本

私は2009年以来、KES〜1 MED- 200を購入している、と今のマシンは良い仕事です!

——  すずき、日本

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Company News
Introducing KES latest DPL device MED-230Lux
Latest company news about Introducing KES latest DPL device MED-230Lux

Introducing KES’ latest DPL device MED-230Lux


In the ever-evolving field of beauty and aesthetics, technology plays a vital role in delivering effective and efficient treatments. DPL (Dynamic Pulsed Light) is a technology taking the industry by storm, known for its versatility and impressive results. KES, a well-known brand in the beauty equipment industry, recently launched the latest DPL equipment MED-230Lux, providing a revolutionary all-round operating platform.

MED-230Lux can freely combine multiple functions of different frequency bands such as DPL, SHR, IPL, Elight, and Laser, providing unlimited possibilities for treating various skin problems. DPL technology, in particular, has gained widespread popularity due to its ability to safely and effectively rejuvenate skin and remove freckles.


So, what sets this device apart from the competition? MED-230Lux has the latest DPL technology, utilizing the narrow band of 550~650nm. This precise wavelength range ensures a safer treatment experience while delivering superior results. Skin rejuvenation and spot removal have never been so effective!


One of the standout features of the MED-230Lux is its impressive light output speed. The device can deliver 10 irradiations per second, saving a lot of treatment time compared to traditional IPL machines that only deliver 1 irradiation per second. This means you can achieve the results you want in less time, making it ideal for busy professionals and individuals looking for quick and effective treatment.


The MED-230Lux not only delivers superior performance, it's also technologically advanced. The device uses the most advanced Android WIFI system to ensure seamless connection and ease of use. With just a few clicks on your smartphone or tablet, you can effectively control and monitor your treatment, saving time and energy.


In addition to its technical prowess, the MED-230Lux prioritizes user comfort and safety. The device is ergonomically designed to provide the operator with a comfortable grip and ensure precise targeting of the treatment area. Additionally, it comes with a built-in cooling system that minimizes discomfort during sessions and enhances the overall experience.


With the KES MED-230Lux, the possibilities are endless. Treatments such as hair removal, skin rejuvenation, pigmentation reduction, acne treatment, vascular treatment and more can achieve excellent results. The device's versatility and customizable treatment options make it a must-have for beauty salons, aesthetic clinics, and industry professionals.


In conclusion, KES’ latest DPL device MED-230Lux is a game changer in the field of beauty and aesthetics. Its advanced DPL technology, combined with the ability to combine different frequency band functions, ensures excellent results in skin rejuvenation and freckle removal. With its impressive light output speed and advanced Android WIFI system, the device provides unprecedented convenience and efficiency. Embrace the future of beauty care and open up a world of endless possibilities with MED-230Lux!

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