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Portable 2MHz 10w Radio Frequency Microneedling Machine

China Beijing KES Biology Technology Co., Ltd. certification
China Beijing KES Biology Technology Co., Ltd. certification
Customer Reviews
The design of KES machine are the most attractive I met, after I purchase, I find the quality is reliable, and thanks for the excellent service of KES

—— Anna, UK

I bought the machine for my wife, and the moment she got it, she loves it very much.

—— Ahmad Arnous, UAE

la máquina es buena de KES yi el servicio es bueno

—— Paco, España

Estoy contento con la máquina kes

—— Dr. Jhoan, Columbia

Ich habe das Geschäft mit KES für 2 Jahre gemacht und ich bin glücklich mit ihm sehr viel

—— Jason, Deutschland

Вид аппарата красив,легко управляю аппарат с качественным меню и инструкцией на русском языке.услуги в таможнии хороши!

—— Лиза из России

Я купил СО2-лазер MED-870 от Кес, и машина хороша!

—— Аврора,,Россия

Eu gosto kes projeto da máquina, e eu gosto de trabalhar com lírio

—— Dr. Andre, Portugal

I love the machine MED-200,good!

—— Alejandro, Portugal

Machine stabilité, prix raisonnable, écoute des besoins de ses clients…

—— Bernard Michel,France

on service, et de réponse rapide.

—— Ada, France

Είναι ένα αξιόπιστο και δυνατό μηχάνημα , με αποτελεσματικότητα και ευκολία στην χρήση

—— Fotini Greece

Καλύτερη μηχανή Design στην Κίνα!

—— Lartios Διογένης, Ελλάδα

좋은 기계 의존 회사

—— Mr King , 韓国

私はもうたくさんの患者を治療して 高い効果が得ていきました お客は満足です

—— Kei Negishi M.D.,よこはま, 日本

私は2009年以来、KES〜1 MED- 200を購入している、と今のマシンは良い仕事です!

——  すずき、日本

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Portable 2MHz 10w Radio Frequency Microneedling Machine

Portable 2MHz 10w Radio Frequency Microneedling Machine
Portable 2MHz 10w Radio Frequency Microneedling Machine

Large Image :  Portable 2MHz 10w Radio Frequency Microneedling Machine

Product Details:
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: KES
Certification: CE,ISO13485
Model Number: Microneedle
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 set
Price: 1000-5000
Packaging Details: aluminum alloy box---inside is thick foam, outside is aluminum box
Payment Terms: , T/T
Supply Ability: 100 sets per month
Detailed Product Description
RF Frequency: 2MHz-4MHz RF Power: 10-200W
Treatment Duration: 0.1-0.6s Needle Depthh: 0.2-3.5mm(0.1step)
Name: Fractional RF Microneedle Machine Voltage: AC 110V-220V, 50HZ/60HZ
Certification: Ce, ISO13485 Feature: Face Lift, Skin Rejuvenation, Weight Loss, Wrinkle Remover
Style: PORTABLE Type: RF
Microneedle Tips: 10 Pin, 25 Pin, 64 Pin, Nano Color: White
High Light:

10w radio frequency microneedling machine


2MHz radio frequency microneedling machine


portable rf micro needle face lift

What is Golden microneedles


Golden microneedles, also known as golden dot matrix radiofrequency, can accurately effect the radiofrequency energy at different levels of the skin by using tiny gold needles, so as to make the tissue temperature rise to 55-60 degrees, which can well play a role in the contraction of skin collagen and promote the regeneration and reorganization of collagen.It is mainly aimed at acne depression scars, coarse pores, fine facial lines, etc., and has a significant therapeutic effect. It can also play a good role in tightening and rejuvenating the skin.Because its trauma is small, and the skin epidermis has no prickling feeling, pain is light, pigmentation risk is low, by the majority of beauty of favor.


The mechanical stimulation of microneedles, together with the biological effect and thermal stimulation generated by radio frequency, can jointly stimulate the skin's self-repair system, promote skin metabolism and improve microcirculation.The penetration of microneedles not only opens the fast absorption channel of the skin, but also facilitates the entry of some cosmetic ingredients into the skin tissue more efficiently.At the same time, the radiofrequent energy emitted by the tips of microneedles can selectively destroy hair follicles, sebaceous glands and apocrine glands, inhibit the inflammatory response and activate their own anti-inflammatory repair system.While gold radiofrequency microneedle treatment, collagen will show more than 50% growth, a course of about 3-4 times, the effect is about 1-2 years, or even if the postoperative maintenance is better, can reach 3-5 years, specific and beauty of aging speed and individual differences.


Portable 2MHz 10w Radio Frequency Microneedling Machine 0




Portable 2MHz 10w Radio Frequency Microneedling Machine 1

Gold RF microneedle 7 major effects:


1, deodorization: treatment of bromhidrosis and axillary hyperhidrosis


2, remove grain: abdominal (stretch marks), buttocks, leg swelling lines


3, wrinkle removal: remove crow's feet, eye lines, head lines, legal lines, neck lines, etc


4. Enhancement: Facial rejuvenation and tight enhancement, fully showing the youthful appearance


5, the treatment of acne: the treatment of active acne is particularly effective


6. Scar removal: remove acne scars, acne dents, burn scars, etc


7. Tender skin: eliminate coarse pores and dark skin, and make skin white and red


Portable 2MHz 10w Radio Frequency Microneedling Machine 2

Portable 2MHz 10w Radio Frequency Microneedling Machine 3

Core advantages of gold microneedles


1. Good skin tightening effect


Multiple gold needles directly send RF energy through the epidermis to the deep dermis, stimulate the proliferation of collagen, greatly reduce the loss of the outer layer, improve the firming effect from the deep skin, the effect is good and lasting.


2, small trauma, small side effects


Compared with peeling dot array laser and non-peeling dot array laser, gold microneedles have the advantages of better skin tightening effect and less trauma.


3, transdermal delivery, icing on the cake


After micro-acupuncture treatment, there are many tiny pores on the skin, which can directly introduce the repair solution, antioxidants and other drugs into the deep layer of the skin, and further play the role of active ingredients and drugs to further deeply repair the skin and achieve 1+1>.2 Purpose.



Portable 2MHz 10w Radio Frequency Microneedling Machine 4

Portable 2MHz 10w Radio Frequency Microneedling Machine 5




1. Does the treatment hurt?


There is a sense of pain, through the external application of anesthetic can be restrained from crying.In short, remember a word, don't blame the doctor, the pain is the deepest care for you.


2. Do you get scabs?


Because the needle body is radiofrequency emission, has the effect of hemostasis, unlike other microneedles ooze blood, so there is no obvious scab


3. Do you get redness and swelling?


There is redness (not hyperbole) within 3-7 days of treatment, many people have punctate bruising of the lower eyelid (thin eyelid, rich blood vessels), and some people still have very mild swelling within 2 weeks (depending on the depth and power of the micredling).Better postoperative nursing and repair techniques can shorten the recovery period.


4. Will the color sink period?


Generally not dark, but severe chloasma patients may have a short - term transient deepening


5. Can a single treatment make a difference?


The effect can be achieved in a single treatment, and the duration of maintenance is related to age/degree of tissue aging.Of course, if you can do 2-3 times continuously, the effect is better, and the duration will be gradually extended.Treatment intervals are recommended every 3 months or so.


6. How long will it take to reduce it?


You can usually see the effect after the swelling is reduced


7. When is the right age to do it?


The condition of aging skin can be treated, so even if you're 27 or 28, it's starting to sag. Start early while your tissues are hydrated.If you are 60 or 70, as long as you and a beautiful heart can also be treated, also can have the effect.


8. What are the contraindications


Metal facial implants, implants for electronic medical devices, and pregnancy are absolute contraindications.Tumor, other organ diseases, oral chemotherapy, hormones, anti-immune drugs should be used with caution.


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