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Permanent Painless Hair Removal Diode Laser Hair Removal Machine For 110-240V Wide Voltage

China Beijing KES Biology Technology Co., Ltd. certification
China Beijing KES Biology Technology Co., Ltd. certification
Customer Reviews
The design of KES machine are the most attractive I met, after I purchase, I find the quality is reliable, and thanks for the excellent service of KES

—— Anna, UK

I bought the machine for my wife, and the moment she got it, she loves it very much.

—— Ahmad Arnous, UAE

la máquina es buena de KES yi el servicio es bueno

—— Paco, España

Estoy contento con la máquina kes

—— Dr. Jhoan, Columbia

Ich habe das Geschäft mit KES für 2 Jahre gemacht und ich bin glücklich mit ihm sehr viel

—— Jason, Deutschland

Вид аппарата красив,легко управляю аппарат с качественным меню и инструкцией на русском языке.услуги в таможнии хороши!

—— Лиза из России

Я купил СО2-лазер MED-870 от Кес, и машина хороша!

—— Аврора,,Россия

Eu gosto kes projeto da máquina, e eu gosto de trabalhar com lírio

—— Dr. Andre, Portugal

I love the machine MED-200,good!

—— Alejandro, Portugal

Machine stabilité, prix raisonnable, écoute des besoins de ses clients…

—— Bernard Michel,France

on service, et de réponse rapide.

—— Ada, France

Είναι ένα αξιόπιστο και δυνατό μηχάνημα , με αποτελεσματικότητα και ευκολία στην χρήση

—— Fotini Greece

Καλύτερη μηχανή Design στην Κίνα!

—— Lartios Διογένης, Ελλάδα

좋은 기계 의존 회사

—— Mr King , 韓国

私はもうたくさんの患者を治療して 高い効果が得ていきました お客は満足です

—— Kei Negishi M.D.,よこはま, 日本

私は2009年以来、KES〜1 MED- 200を購入している、と今のマシンは良い仕事です!

——  すずき、日本

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Permanent Painless Hair Removal Diode Laser Hair Removal Machine For 110-240V Wide Voltage

Permanent Painless Hair Removal Diode Laser Hair Removal Machine For 110-240V Wide Voltage
Permanent Painless Hair Removal Diode Laser Hair Removal Machine For 110-240V Wide Voltage

Large Image :  Permanent Painless Hair Removal Diode Laser Hair Removal Machine For 110-240V Wide Voltage

Product Details:
Place of Origin: Beijing, China
Brand Name: KES
Certification: FDA/TUV/CE/ISO13485
Model Number: MED-808MAX
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1
Packaging Details: carton
Delivery Time: 7 work days
Payment Terms: TT FOB
Supply Ability: 1000PCS Per month
Detailed Product Description
Spot Size: ∅6, 10*10mm2, 10*15mm2, 10*20mm2, 10*25mm2 Handpiece Power: 1200W (America Coherent Laser Bars)
Style: Portable Apply: Beauty Salon / Medical / Hospital
WorkingTime: Continuously For 18 Hours Repetition Frequency: 1~10 Shots/second
Energy Density: 1~125J/cm2 Application: For Commercial
Application: For Commercial After-sales Service Provided: Online Support, Video Technical Support
After-sales Service Provided: Online Support, Video Technical Support Warranty: 2 Years
Warranty: 2 Years Brand: KES
Brand: KES Brand: KES
Quantity: 1 Quantity: 1
Lead Time: 15
High Light:

Permanent Painless Hair Removal Machine


240V Hair Removal Machine


110-240V Hair Removal Machine

Product Description:

The world of aesthetic treatments has been revolutionized by the advent of laser technology, and among the most groundbreaking advancements is the Diode Laser Hair Removal Machine. This machine is a sophisticated piece of equipment designed for professional use in beauty salons, medical practices, and hospitals. It's a versatile system that caters to a wide range of skin types and hair colors, offering a comprehensive solution for those seeking efficient and long-lasting hair removal.

At the heart of this machine's capabilities is its array of wavelengths. It offers the option of 755, 808, 940, and 1064nm wavelengths, with the 755nm Alexandrite Laser Hair Removal Machine mode being particularly effective for lighter skin tones and finer hairs. This versatility ensures that practitioners can tailor the hair removal process to the specific needs of each client, providing personalized and effective treatment.

The Diode Laser Hair Removal Machine operates using a state-of-the-art diode laser, which is renowned for its precision and safety. The diode laser technology enables the device to target the melanin in the hair follicle without damaging the surrounding skin. This results in a significant reduction in hair growth over time, with many clients experiencing long-lasting hair-free skin. The laser's efficiency is maximized by its 1200W handpiece power, which is sourced from America Coherent Laser Bars, known for their high-quality laser production.

One of the key features of the Diode Laser Hair Removal Machine is its power supply. With a 110-240V wide voltage range, this machine is designed to be used in various regions with different power output standards, making it an excellent choice for international businesses. This feature ensures uninterrupted performance and reliability, which is crucial for maintaining a consistent schedule of client appointments.

Durability and long-term performance are essential for any professional-grade equipment, and the Diode Laser Hair Removal Machine delivers in this regard. The machine is built with high-quality Diode Laser Hair Removal Machine parts that are designed to withstand the rigors of frequent use while maintaining optimal functionality. This durability not only ensures that the machine will be a long-term investment for your practice but also minimizes the downtime associated with maintenance and repairs.

The user-friendly interface of the Diode Laser Hair Removal Machine makes it easy for practitioners to operate. It offers a range of settings that can be adjusted to suit the specific treatment area and hair type, ensuring that each session is as comfortable as possible for the client. The advanced cooling system also works to keep the skin cool during the hair removal process, further enhancing client comfort.

When it comes to the efficacy of the Diode Laser Hair Removal Machine, clients can expect noticeable results after just a few sessions. The laser technology is designed to target hair at different stages of growth, which means that with each subsequent treatment, fewer hairs will return. This gradual reduction in hair growth leads to smoother skin and a significant decrease in the need for traditional hair removal methods like shaving or waxing.

In conclusion, the Diode Laser Hair Removal Machine is a cutting-edge solution for those in the beauty and medical industries looking to offer their clients a safe, effective, and long-lasting hair removal option. With its range of wavelengths, powerful diode laser, and wide voltage compatibility, this machine stands out as a top-tier choice for professionals around the world. Its robust construction and quality parts ensure that it will be a valuable asset to any establishment for years to come.


  • Product Name: Diode Laser Hair Removal Machine
  • Warranty: 2 Years
  • Wavelength: 755, 808, 940, 1064nm(Optional)
  • OEM: Yes
  • Q Switch: No
  • Operating System: 10.4
  • Diode Laser Hair Removal Machine Parts: High-quality components for durability and efficiency
  • 808nm Diode Laser Hair Removal Machine: Specialized for effective hair removal with minimal discomfort


The KES MED-808MAX Diode Laser Hair Removal Machine heralds a new era of hair removal technology. This sophisticated device, originating from Beijing, China, holds certifications such as CE, ISO, and FDA, assuring its users of its safety and quality standards. With a minimum order quantity of just one piece and a swift delivery time of 7 work days, this machine is readily available for both small and large-scale operations. Packaged securely in cartons, the KES MED-808MAX can be ordered with ease, and with a supply ability of 1000PCS per month, availability is guaranteed.

This diode laser hair removal machine caters to a variety of application occasions and scenarios. It is perfectly suited for medical clinics, estheticians, dermatology offices, and even high-end spas looking to offer a premium hair removal service. The KES MED-808MAX is not just your average hair removal device; it integrates seamlessly into professional environments where client satisfaction and efficient service are paramount. This machine's 808nm Diode Laser Hair Removal capabilities make it an excellent choice for those seeking precise and effective hair reduction treatments.

With OEM options available, the MED-808MAX can be tailored to meet the specific branding needs of any establishment. Its high-powered 1200W handpiece, equipped with America Coherent Laser Bars, ensures consistent and reliable performance, while the energy density of 1~125J/cm^2 allows for a wide range of treatment intensities. Settings can be adjusted to cater to different skin types and hair textures, making this device incredibly versatile. The repetition frequency of 1~10 Shots/second means that practitioners can perform treatments quickly, reducing the time clients spend in the chair and increasing the number of clients that can be seen in a day.

The Alexandrite Laser Hair Removal Machine comparison often comes into play, but the KES MED-808MAX stands out with its diode technology. Diode lasers are known for their effectiveness in hair removal, particularly for people with darker hair. This machine's precise laser wavelength of 808nm specifically targets hair follicles without causing significant damage to the surrounding skin. As a result, it is a safer and more comfortable experience for clients, leading to a higher satisfaction rate.

In terms of Diode Laser Hair Removal Machine Parts, the MED-808MAX is designed for easy maintenance and longevity. Its components are engineered for durability, ensuring that the device continues to perform at its best over time. Investment in this machine is not just about acquiring a top-tier hair removal system; it's also about the peace of mind that comes from knowing that the parts and craftsmanship are of the highest quality.

To sum up, the KES MED-808MAX Diode Laser Hair Removal Machine is an outstanding investment for businesses wanting to provide their clients with an effective, comfortable, and efficient hair removal solution. Its quick delivery, customizable options, powerful performance, and reliable parts make it a go-to choice for professionals in the beauty and medical industry.


Brand Name: KES

Model Number: MED-808MAX

Place of Origin: Beijing, China

Certification: CE ISO FDA

Minimum Order Quantity: 1PCS

Packaging Details: Carton

Delivery Time: 7 work days

Payment Terms: TT, FOB

Supply Ability: 1000PCS per month

Feature: Permanent Painless Hair Removal

Warranty: 2 Year

Style: Portable

Spot Size: ∅6, 10*10mm 2 , 10*15mm 2 , 10*20mm 2 , 10*25mm 2

OEM: Yes

Our KES Diode Laser Hair Removal Machine, also known as an Alexandrite Laser Hair Removal Machine, offers the latest technology for Permanent Painless Hair Removal. Designed for both professional and private use, this portable device ensures effective hair removal with a wide range of spot sizes. The MED-808MAX model is a testament to our commitment to quality, with certifications from CE, ISO, and FDA, and backed by a 2-year warranty. Whether for a clinic or personal use, our Diode Laser Hair Removal Machine is an excellent choice for those seeking a reliable and efficient hair removal solution.

Support and Services:

The Diode Laser Hair Removal Machine is designed to deliver high-quality, long-lasting hair removal results using advanced laser technology. Our product comes with comprehensive technical support and services to ensure optimal performance and customer satisfaction. Here are the details of the support and services provided for our machine:

Installation Guidance: Our team provides detailed instructions and support for the installation process. We ensure that the machine is set up correctly and safely, ready for use.

Training: We offer training sessions for operators to fully understand how to use the machine effectively and safely. This includes handling the equipment, understanding the interface, and learning the best practices for hair removal treatments.

Technical Assistance: If you encounter any technical issues with your Diode Laser Hair Removal Machine, our dedicated technical support team is available to assist you. We provide troubleshooting tips, maintenance advice, and can help resolve any operational problems you may face.

Maintenance and Repairs: Regular maintenance is key to the longevity and efficiency of the machine. We provide guidance on maintaining your device, and if repairs are needed, our technicians are equipped to handle them promptly to minimize downtime.

Software Updates: Our machine is supported by software that may require updates to improve functionality or introduce new features. We provide information on the latest updates and instructions on how to implement them.

Warranty Service: The Diode Laser Hair Removal Machine comes with a limited warranty. Our warranty service covers any manufacturing defects or malfunctions under normal use conditions, as detailed in the warranty terms and conditions.

Replacement Parts: In the event that a part of your machine requires replacement, we supply genuine parts to ensure your machine continues to function at its best. Our support team can guide you on ordering and replacing these parts as needed.

Our goal is to provide you with a seamless and effective hair removal experience. We are committed to supporting you every step of the way, from installation to ongoing maintenance. For any further assistance, please refer to the user manual or contact our customer support team.

Packing and Shipping:

Product Name: Diode Laser Hair Removal Machine

Packaging Details:

  • Inner Packaging: The Diode Laser Hair Removal Machine is secured in a high-quality, protective foam padding designed to prevent movement and absorb shock during transit. The unit is then enclosed in a plastic bag to protect against moisture.
  • Outer Packaging: The foam-protected machine is placed in a sturdy, custom-fit cardboard box, which is then sealed with heavy-duty packing tape. The box is clearly labeled with "Fragile" and "Handle With Care" to ensure proper handling.
  • Accessories: All accessories, including power cables, user manuals, and any additional attachments, are packaged separately within the same box, ensuring that all components arrive together.

Shipping Details:

  • Carrier: The product is shipped via a reputable courier service that specializes in handling delicate medical equipment to ensure safe and prompt delivery.
  • Tracking: A tracking number will be provided upon dispatch so that the progress of the shipment can be monitored until it reaches its destination.
  • Insurance: The shipment is fully insured to cover any potential damage during transit. In the event of any issues, please contact our customer service immediately for assistance.
  • Estimated Delivery Time: Depending on the destination, delivery can be expected within 5-10 business days after dispatch. Expedited shipping options are available upon request at an additional cost.
  • Customs and Duties: International customers are responsible for any customs fees, import duties, or taxes that may be imposed by their respective countries.

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Contact Person: Miss. Jackie

Tel: 0086-18811638857

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