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Vertical Water Oxygen Injection Skin Tightening and Whitening Beauty Machine

Vertical Water Oxygen Injection Skin Tightening and Whitening Beauty Machine

Vertical Water Oxygen Injection Skin Tightening and Whitening Beauty Machine

Product Details:

Place of Origin: Beijing,China
Brand Name: KES
Certification: Medical CE, CE Certificate, ISO13485, SGS
Model Number: MED-370+

Payment & Shipping Terms:

Minimum Order Quantity: 1 units
Price: USD1000 ~ 5000 / set
Packaging Details: Aluminium Packing Box
Delivery Time: 14 working days
Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability: 800 units per month
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Detailed Product Description
Key Word: Water Oxygen Type: Vertical
Footswitch: Yes Service: 24 Hours Online Service
Weight: 44 Kgs Temperature: +10~+40℃
Noise: ≤60dB

Oxygen Injection Skin Tightening and Whitening Beauty Machine


General introduction

Oxygen is indispensable to the human body's "air of health," is the energy needed for body as an important source,it is the first needs or human life.
oxygen therapy, developing rapidly, both in the development history of medical or cosmetic, oxygentherapy ake a significant contribution, very well received, has generally been recognized as a widely used technology of medical beauty.
Almighty Oxygen instrument uses the world's advanced PSA technology (PSA),at room temperature,after connect the electricity, it can isolate the continuity of high concentrations of dust-free, sterile medical oxygen from the air, and has the three effect of atomized jet of oxygen, njecting Oxygen,inhaling oxygen,solve the problem that short of oxygen of body,skin fully.
Almighty Oxygen instrument applies foreign advanced technology, non-needle injection of
oxygen through a variety of specially designed oxygen output tools push the pure oxygen and
products containing active elements o deep skin through natural gap etween the epidermal
cells make skin quickly absorb oxygen, enhance activity of human cells and speed up cel metabolism,so that skin regains its healthy, moist, delicate young state be charming and glory


Man and WOMAN can do treatment
High pressure
Molecular size of the molecules
Highly use of your ingredients,sell more products!
ingredients go into the epidermis absorbed more effectively produce greater beneficial effects .(a variety of anti-aging ingredients ,such as vitamins ,antioxidants ,nutrient extracts ,botanicals ,minerals and moisturizers )

Working Principle:
The Oxygen Injection Machine applies the world's advanced PSA theory.It can separate medical-use purified oxygen (high density,no dust,no bacteria) from air under normal temperature.It can injectoxygen and spurt oxygen just with one machine.Therefore,it solves the difficulities of hypoxia.Itinjests 98% purified oxygen and activates nutrition distillate to the deep-seated skin throughimpulsing force in order to accelerate the metabolism of cells,whiten and tender the skin.
Benefit for:
1. Skin care, wrinkle removal, rejuvenation, complex improvement, anti-aging, speckle removal and lift-up.
2. Speed the metabolism, balance the incretion, postpone the menopause, improve insomnia, decompress and quicken the excretion of toxin.
3. Minor therapy for more than 20 diseases in human body.
4. Triplicity: oxygen infusion under high pressure, spray oxygen and aromatizing oxygen inhalation
5. Beauty effect: high purity oxygen (>95%) and active genes pressured to the skin and breath system will increase the skin growth.
6. Health effect: high purity oxygen will cure the diseases caused by oxygen deficiency.
Technical Specifications:

Features Value
Voltage 220V:(230V 50Hz)(a.c.)
Power 230V:400W
Temperature +10~+40℃
Noise ≤60dB
Fuse 230V:2.5A H 250V
Alarm Temperature
State display Oxygen concentration
Oxygen output Per min 3L/95%±3%;per min 4L/85%±3%;per min 6L/75%±3%
Adjustable airflow range 0.1~6.0L/min
Battery Inside the machine
The maximum pressure 0.4~0.6MPA
Weight 44Kgs
Dimension 50*40*90cm

Importance of oxygen
Oxygen is the key ingredient in human metabolism, which is the first needs to human life. There shoulde be enough oxygen in catabolic process,and various nutrients must be combined with oxygen in order to complete the biological oxidation process, to produce energy.Body intake of substances contain air, water and food,facts have proved that: if there is enough oxygen,people only have water can be alive for 7 days without food,while they can live 3 days without water and food.But they can only be alive for a few seconds without oxygen though there are enough food and water.Therefore,oxygen is being used as a "drug", it is purely natural,no side effects, and widely applicable, which is unmatched by other drugs.
Oxygen is an important material for human survival, so a long-term hypoxia will produce a seriesof hazards. For example:
1.The rate of aerobic metabolism and metabolic rate will drop during hypoxia.
2.Hypoxia can increase blood pressure, increased left ventricular burden, and even can causearrhythmia.
3.Hypoxic stimulate renal erythropoietin produced, so that red blood cells increase, increased blood viscosity, increase peripheral vascular resistance and heart burden,cause or aggravate heart failure,and easy to cause thrombosis.
4.Brain hypoxia can produce a series of long-term mental, neurological symptoms: such as sleep disturbance, intellectual decline and memory impairment, abnormal behavior, personality changes, and so on.
5.Brain hypoxia: dizziness, headache, tinnitus, nausea, palpitation, shortness of breath, confusion and ultimately death.
Oxygen are closely related to human health,in addition to atmospheric oxygen problem, the busy city life,long time to face the computer, dry air-conditioned office, lack of aerobic exercise, poor eating habits, causing a disease and pain to our body.Studies have shown that everyone should add 1.44 gallons of oxygen through the skin's surface every day, in order to maintain 60 trillion cells'normal growth and creating new cells.Healthy skin requires adequate nutrition, but now due to air pollution ,the oxygen content of the
atmosphere are continuously diminishing.Without oxygen, the skin's metabolism will slow down,the skin self-renewal ability becomes poor, and thus accelerate aging skin,and become sensitive,large pores, complexion chlorosis, wrinkles, pigmentation, dark circles and other symptoms and to have followed, There are imbalances in oil secretion arising from acne. Scientific research has shown, active ingredients and the flow of oxygen can pass through the natural gaps between cells, so that update the cell and external circulation, to make cortex regeneration.

Importance of the lymphatic system
As the pace of life stress, heavy work pressure, environment, climate, pollution, poor diet and living habits, and lack of physical exercise, so that the city people have long-term overdraft in the energy state,skin problems have emerged:unbalance oil secretions, blood sedimentation in vivo, endocrine disorders and other factors have led to acne, pigmentation, redness, wrinkles, large pores, dull complexion, and even constipation
... These have shown that our accumulation of toxins inside the body.
What is a toxin? Comprehensive speaking,it is waste accumulated that metabolic product can not be left out of the body caused by bacteria, chemicals, drugs, environmental pollution, lack of exercise, nutritional disorders, metabolic ill, aging, mental stress and so on.
The body is the mirror of the soul, while the skin is the mirror of the body and "weatherglass" of healthy.How can excrete accumulate toxins inside of the body in time? Lymphatic drainage is the most effective detoxification method.Lymph is the body's immune system and scavenger,it is also a primary medium to collect toxins, through the lymphatic vessels can rule out the waste accumulated in cells.The health lymphatic system can accelerate the excretion of toxins from the body, break down and remove aging cells,to promote the body metabolism, eat more outside of bacteria, to protect the skin effect.
Vacuum detoxin use suction of vacuum,pull and press along the lymphatic system loop to promote circulation and blood circulation and lymph flow, helping the body's excretion of toxins and waste, enhance immunity and accelerate metabolism. Blood and skin may have a thorough cleansing, skin acne,pigmentation, aging phenomena can be improved because of a good metabolism.

Machine detail show:
Vertical Water Oxygen Injection Skin Tightening and Whitening Beauty MachineVertical Water Oxygen Injection Skin Tightening and Whitening Beauty MachineVertical Water Oxygen Injection Skin Tightening and Whitening Beauty Machine
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